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Letter to the Editor, Columbia Flier / HoCo Times

18 Oct

Here is the Letter to the Editor that was published in the October 16, 2014, Columbia Flier and Howard County Times. Thanks to these pubs for publishing my letter.

Local website offers resources for voters

I quite like the new banners about town: the ones proclaiming the many accolades earned and “best of” lists made by Columbia, Ellicott City and Howard County. Seein the many banners I was reminded that I live in one of  “the most technological counties” in America. And I can imagine the kind of stats that put us there: the number of houses with high-speed internet, the percentage of tech jobs and tech companies in the area, the number of mobile phones per the population base, and so on.

Yet there is a metric that is hard to see and certainly challenging to measure: it’s how much Howard County rocks as a social media ecosystem. With hundreds of active bloggers; untold Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts for businesses, organizations and individuals; a robust list of local #HoCoHashtags (http://goo.gl/WdvB86) and much more, we are, indeed, a “most technological county.”

As the elections get closer, I’d like to share yet another digital resource that I believe contributes to our acclaimed status. It’s a website listing the social accounts (blogs, Facebook and twitter) from Howard County political candidates. The various social streams provide an interesting perspective on the candidates … a perspective above and beyond their marketing materials, crafted speeches and three-minute answers at public forums. The social streams provide insight into what catches these politicians’ attention on a daily basis, how they see situations and what they consider important. Take a look! http://hocoblogs.com/elections2014.php

And get to know your local candidates even better!

Jessie Newburn

Oakland Mills

Jessie Newburn is a co-founder of HoCoBlogs.com and the #HoCoElections site.

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