Remember link lists? That’s so 1998! No, these links are to my sites and/or areas of interest.

These are links about me, from me, for me.

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Affiliate links

One way to shift money from the big corporations to the everyday people is to make more conscious choices about where and how we buy. Affiliate sales and distributing commissions to your friends (vs TV stations, magazines and media outlets owned by corporations) is to click on affiliate links.

  • Dollar Shave Club – Seriously, you cannot buy a better blade at a better price, anywhere! And the convenience! I get the 6-blade option. Plus they give you a nice handle that feels good in your hand (like a tool vs. a disposable piece of plastic).
  • Free Uber rides – If you’ve yet to create an Uber account, use my link to get your first ride free. Same for Lyft. I encourage you to have both apps on your phone as different cities favor different services.
  • Drive for Uber or Lyft – Interested in experiencing the ride-sharing world as a driver? Make even more cash as a driver by signing up on a referral link. The incentives vary from month to month.
  • Amazon purchases – Inside every Amazon purchase is built 4-8% of the purchase price that is pre-designated for affiliate sales. Every time you’re not using someone’s affiliate link, Amazon pockets that much more in profit. Use affiliate links. Here is mine. And here is the link for my Burning Man camp (a fundraiser).
  • Fiverr – Love/hate. This site to me changed my life, for good in that I’ve gotten some great projects done for $5, 15, $45; equally, I watch this site in horror, noticing how once-professional jobs are gigged out, and at cheap rates. Still and all, it’s a deal when you find someone good. Give it a try.



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