Hi there, My name is Jessie Newburn. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and have written in years past about generational theory, food, foraging and fermenting, Burning Man, my local community, dancing, environmental and social considerations, Nerium and anti-aging and, especially in earlier years, social media and culture change.

Of late, I’ve been writing about my experiences as an Uber driver and sharing these stories that are receiving a delightful and surprisingly warm welcome from readers. I do find myself fascinated with my inner world, the world around me and the thing between the two: the connection point.

And while I’ve done all sorts of things over the years professionally, including running a small agency, doing freelance work, holding senior-level corporate jobs and more, at this particular time, I’m embracing the gig economy while I wend my way toward whatever is next in my life.

Join me, if you will, in the conversation, observations and love for all that is in this wonderful and grand experience of being a Human being.

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