How you can help me. And how can I help you?

2 Nov

There’s this Polish guy I know. His name is Mike Turajczyk and he goes by the name Polish Mike; it’s an excellent brand, and he works it. I like Polish Mike. I find him smart, savvy, energized. Our lives intersect as he is, among other things, a marketing and management consultant for healthcare clinics and other businesses. And he loves to help people to live happier lives.

Over tea recently, Polish Mike said to me, “Put together a list of all the ways I can help you. Make it detailed. Add as many things as you want. I’m always networking, and I want to know how I can help you.”

What a fascinating idea.

Personally, I think one of the easiest, biggest-bang-for-the-buck things out there is to give a referral. Referrals take almost no time to give, they provide help to two parties (the seeker and the referred person), plus, when I make a referral, I get networking brownie points from not one, but two people. And the referral saves both parties so much. Trust cuts through about 40 percent of the clutter in relationships. (I got that number from a book I read, The Speed of Trust.)

Now, why would you want to help me?

Maybe you like me. Maybe you tolerate me. Maybe I’ve done a favor for you. Maybe you simply like to be of service. Or maybe you want to build your own cache of brownie points.

But I will tell you something that’s easier to say in person than to type. I’ve had a recent eye-opening experience about the physical health and financial conditions of an elderly family member. This person is not able to retire and stop working at this point for financial reasons, yet his health considerations are making things more difficult with each passing year.

Uber Chronicles - Field Notes - Trees.jpeg

My motivation

I’ve made a personal decision to help this person retire, to provide a reliable, steady stream of income to ease some of his worries in his later years. To do so, I need to get my own financial house in better order; otherwise, I’d be harming myself to help another … and I doubt that’s a good strategy, short term or long term. I’m particularly focused on the realm of streaming, passive and/or affiliate income.

And, with that, I present my list of how you can--if you wish to–help me.

I look forward to seeing your list–and your motivating “why”–as well!

Uber & Uber Chronicles

  • Encourage people to download and read my books.
  • Connect me to someone at  Uber’s HQ if you know anyone who works there. The higher up, the better.
  • Create backlinks through FB, twitter and blogs to my Amazon book store and/or my website. (These help me get better ratings with Amazon and help my book sale.)
  • Introduce me to anyone who does podcasts who might interview me.
  • Send my referral link to anyone who wants to drive for 1) Uber, or enter my referral code of w5p3q when you sign up on and/or Lyft or enter in  my code: JESSIE534662.

Atigro Digital Marketing

  • Introduce me to people who run marketing or IT departments at companies making $3-50 million in annual revenue.
  • Introduce me to people who run their own web design or marketing agencies.
  • Send leads my way for website, SEO, mobile app or database integration projects. The more technical, the better.

Nerium Anti-aging

  • Send people my link if they are concerned about anti-aging of their face, body or brain.
  • Introduce me to people who are interested in the business opportunity in this ever-green and fast -growing industry and company.
  • Keep your eyes out especially for people in Canada, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, Germany, Colombia and, of course, the U.S.

Amazon Purchases

For Howard County

OK, that’s what I can think of for now.

Working in Antarctica

I am going to get a seasonal job in Antarctica, as an admin support person or something better. I’ve thoroughly applied for such a job in 2016, though my suspicion, as the jobs are so few in number, is that some insider connections may help. If you have any connections with the Antarctic missions and can make an introduction or put in a good word for me, I’d be most grateful.

How can you help Mike?

Mike gives practical solutions to chronic problems and constantly innovates business models to increase sales and profitability. If you (or people you know) are dealing with a business problem that is now chronic, please feel free to contact him on Linkedin or by email. And definitely check out testimonials on YouTube.

What about you? How can I help you?

And, if you make your own list, please send it my way as well.

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