How I created a whiteboard video on Fiverr for $15

27 Mar

As a wrap up to 2014, I decided to send out a “video card” of sorts in lieu of a holiday card, which I usually send out. To tell my year-end story, I decided to do what is called a whiteboard video.

After sending out the video, quite a few people asked me how I’d made it, so I thought, “Hmm, maybe I’ll do another whiteboard video to share how I did the first one.” The service I used, Fiverr, is one I recommend for an exploration of possibilities of what can be done in the world now for a mere $5. It’s worth a poke for the knowledge of what people will do for $5, and who knows, you might end up hiring someone for some gigs.

Here is my “How I created a whiteboard video on Fiverr” video; this one cost me $15.75 to produce.


And here is my 2014 wrap-up video. The cost of this was $45 (because it was longer).


And here’s what started my exploration into whiteboards, a one-minute video introduction to a new community calendar website I created: The cost of this video was $15.75.


One Response to “How I created a whiteboard video on Fiverr for $15”

  1. Jennifer Sardam June 4, 2015 at 11:39 pm #

    Thanks for posting this Jessie. I wondered how you did that and was going to ask and then never got back to it. Pretty cool what can be outsourced, thanks to sites like Fiverr!

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