Turnips to die for … and some magical ingredients

27 Nov

Many things happen in cycles of seven: human development and consciousness being the biggest one. There’s the seven-year itch and relationships going through cycles of seven. Hair growth supposedly changes in cycles of seven; and tastebuds change in cycles of seven. Ever notice how you can hate/loathe/not like at all some food in younger years (onions, garlic, brussel sprouts, organ meats, for example) and then all of sudden, one day you wake up realize that you not only no longer loathe said offensive food item but actually like it ?

roasted turnips with white balsamic vinegar from secolari'sWell, apparently, when I wasn’t paying attention, turnips crept up on me and went from the No, Thanks! to the Yes, Please! category in my book. Here’s my favorite way to make turnips, and I think I could convert a turnip-hater into a turnip fan with this recipe. My magical ingredients are marked by the asterisks.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then get a nice oven-safe dish out — one where your volume of turnips won’t be more than about two inches high. Place the ingredients directly in this dish.

Peel and dice a couple/few fresh* turnips

Drizzle good quality* olive oil on them; enough to coat them

Liberally add fresh or dried thyme

Drizzle some White Balsamic Vinegar** from Secolari’s

Add some super-good quality salt** (Piran Sel Gris or Meadow Flake from The Meadow)

Toss the ingredients together, coating everything well; I use my hands. Bake/roast the turnips until they transform, change from a thick opaque flesh to a lighter, clearer color, and carmelize. Try not to eat them all before you serve them.

Image from Kalyn’s Kitchen.

One Response to “Turnips to die for … and some magical ingredients”

  1. LisaBMrsS November 27, 2014 at 3:23 pm #

    Yes! I avoided turnips until this summer, when I came across some small, radish-sized turnips at the farmers market. Love Dove Farms sold them, told me to cook them up much like you did, and they were so very yummy. Mmm…

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