RIP, Dennis

12 May
Dennis Lane, Blogger, Commercial Real Estate Agent

Dennis Lane

I know of no guidebook that prepares one for the death of a friend. In my shock, my disbelief and my grief, I grope in my mind to find words to pay homage to a long-time friend. What I have written about him is long, as though somehow the retelling of my stories and experiences with him will breathe life into his lifeless body. But that is not to be. Perhaps I’ll post what I wrote. Another time. Another day. For now, I am in shock, barely able to comprehend what has happened.

Others have, in their own grief, shock and sadness, poured their feelings, their appreciation for his life and their prayers for him and his family into words. I watched this stream, picked from it, gathered it. Assembled it in a way that would capture the feelings, perhaps giving my own life a window into the immensity of the sadness and loss of a friend, a pillar of the community, a part of my life.

Bless your soul, Dennis. May you rest in peace. Bless your family and all those connected to your life and your death. I know not of how such things work in the after life, but I pray, I beseech you to help those of us still here on Earth to find greater connection to each other and this place you so loved.

God bless, Dennis. God bless!



One Response to “RIP, Dennis”

  1. Wendy Goldman Scherer May 12, 2013 at 8:07 am #

    I am so sorry for your loss. It’s all so incomprehensible. I’ve watched the stream a bit and the outpouring of love and respect is not surprising. Dennis was a man who deserved that and more. I hope he felt all that in life. I, too, am praying for him and those he loved.

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