One cute kid at a time …

8 Jul

I remember the first time I gave money to a large organization. I was happy I did it. I benefited from their do-gooded-ness, and even though my own finances were rather tight at the time, I’d decided this org was one I wanted to help fund.

I also remember how disheartening it was to get mailing after mailing from them, soliciting more and more money. At one point, I wondered how much of my money went to actual programming and how much was funneled back into the fundraising arm of the org.

I notice that I’m more interested in opportunities where my contribution can be experienced and valued more specifically. As such, it’s been very easy for me to support Tapulanga Foundation, a small school (and community organization) in a rural village in the Philippines. The foundation is also run by a friend, Robin Abello, and his sister Mimic, who is on-site at the school. For those of you who know, Robin is my “co” in this venture.

If this type of donation appeals to you and/or you wish to express your appreciation for hocoblogs and the community created around it, I encourage you to check out how you can support Tapulanga Foundation.


One Response to “One cute kid at a time …”

  1. Tracey July 30, 2012 at 8:21 am #

    Hi, Jessie,

    I’ve been noticing across a number of blogs that have had nothing to do with the generations, their Millenial authors ranting and wailing about how the Boomers and GenX have mis-parented them. I’m at the forefront of GenX, and nobody in my age group is the parent of 30-somethings. The histrionics of “My life isn’t PERFECt and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!” are a scream. There’s no point in telling thtem that GenX’s careers and lives haven’t been a constant skip through the petunia patch either–they’re uniformly blind and deaf to anything besides the fact that they’re not deliriously happy and it’s GEN X’s fault.

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