Four little pigs

23 Nov

Amy, of Buckland Farm, and not one of the younger pigs.

This weekend I had the privilege/joy/opportunity to help transfer four young pigs from the barn at Buckland Farm to their new woodland pen, also on the farm’s property. While the video here shows four happy pigs, I can tell you that the capturing and transport process was not a squeals-of-delight type of event. No sirreee. But, as my fellow pig handler, Ms. Brooke Kidd, said when we were done — and as I now concur, “The moral of handling pigs is you can’t force a pig to do anything … but you sure can bribe ’em!” They’ll go most anywhere if you’re offering them food.


One Response to “Four little pigs”

  1. JessieX December 1, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

    I’m a Hero of Buckland Farm!

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