In the hands of god.

23 Jul

In a fog I’ve been lately. Not emotionally or mentally, but literally. I’m in SF and the city is doing what it does in the summer: being crazy foggy with an endless sky of fog. Not a bit, a ray, a drip or drop of sun poking through. And then, late this morning, kazam: the fog burned off and the sky was blue and the air was SF warm: in the high 60s. So, my friend and I went for a walk to get in some sun. We (actually she) decided to walk toward the water, and I — not having any better plans or ideas — decided that worked for me.

Off we went. Down a street we don’t typically walk. Headed toward the Ferry Building and catching some rays. And there she was … about 20 yards in the distance. There was a long-time friend — my first real friend in SF when I moved here at the glorious age of 20. I’ll call her Kelly. See, Kelly and I had lost touch ages ago, and I’d been trying for years to track her down: Google searches, combing Facebook, asking around with people who might know her. I knew I would connect with her again because our friendship is like that. And I figured/felt/envisioned that I would, indeed, run into her and cross paths one day. I’d gotten that vibe. I just didn’t know when or where I would run into her, and it certainly wasn’t a top of mind thought.

Today, it happened. In a sliver of sunshine, down a street I don’t walk that often, on the “right” side of the street, I saw her, screamed out her name, and gave her a big hug.



One Response to “In the hands of god.”

  1. brian July 23, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Jessie! Great blog. I love stories like this. I had goosebumps reading it because I, too, have friends that I’ve lost touch with, but know I’ll see again one day. Isn’t life strange?

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