On par … or at least close to

23 Apr

I was interviewed late last year for an article about marketing to different generations. In and of itself, that’s so-so news, as I get interviewed fairly often on the subject. What filled me with joy is that another person interviewed for the same article was my super-hero on the subject of generational theory: Neil Howe. I find generational theory an immensely informative structure through which to view cultural change, technology adoption, communication styles, marketing preferences, political leanings and much more. I’ve studied — and applied — the work of William Strauss and Neil Howe for over a decade, so it was, for me, a feather in my cap to be quoted alongside someone whose work I admire and respect tremendously.

Here’s a podcast by Neil Howe that accompanied the article for which I was also interviewed. I listened to it and found it quite informative, particularly on likely human migratory 😉 patterns re generations and exurbs, suburbs, cities and forgotten small towns.


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