Freecycle your perennials: give and get

9 Apr

A Letter to the Editor I submitted to the Columbia Flier was published this week. It’s about and using the site for sharing your wealth of perennials … or about receiving from the abundance of others. I’m glad the Flier ran the editorial. And — just to be super-clear about my hypocrisy on this subject — I hate*hate*hate Freecycle’s culture and style. I won’t go on about why other than to say I pine for the day that another tool pushes Freecycle’s sorry-ass site out the door and into the pastures — or graveyard. Perhaps that will happen when someone with enough balls comes in and takes over the system.¬†Alas, that day isn’t here yet and while Freecycle has the most archaic-we-haven’t-evolved-since-the-1990s feel to it — in ALL respects — it is the only such tool that has any audience to speak of at the moment. *sigh*

So, I had to say that. Yes to the concept. Boo-hiss to the deliverer/delivery/organization/culture/system/tools.

Will somebody please wrest this beast to the ground and force it to evolve or die? In the meantime, it’s available for use inside the local community for moving physical items around in a free exchange.


One Response to “Freecycle your perennials: give and get”

  1. scott May 16, 2010 at 9:48 am #

    Agree completely… the idea of freecycle is great but the system is horrible… we do use it from time to time but wish there was something better. I’m surprised nothing better has evolved yet.

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