Blueberry and mango smoothie. Keeping it simple.

3 Apr

Blueberry mango smoothie.

The weather in the DC Metropolitan area yesterday was gorgeous! I celebrated that it was a Good Friday, indeed, with an annual tradition (chore) of digging out the compost pile. This is not a small project. Ever. But I get giddy and gleeful when I come across the hot zone for worms. I find it an inspiring vision, and it makes me happy. Spreading the rich composted earth about the garden is good for my soul. I’m a bit of a twit in that compost bin material only goes on food sources: vegetables and fruits, no flowers, trees or bushes.

But after hours in the sun and glorious weather, it was time for a smoothie break. I kept it simple, this is what I pureed in my Vitamix

  • 3 c frozen blueberries (I freeze them when they’re in season, fresh and on sale)
  • 1 c frozen mango, sweated in citrus and sugar
  • 1 c orange juice, from concentrate
  • A little water

The result was colorful, tasty in a simple and delightful sort of way, and thick. Spoon thick. Gotta watch out for the brain freeze when it’s that thick. Yowsa. For future smoothies, I think it’s valuable to have fresh, not-frozen fruit as part of the mix. It keeps the temperature from being brain-freezing.

Overall, it was a nice drink and a nice break from the heavy lifting of moving dense, rich soil out of the compost pile. A few people were outside and also gardening, so I made enough to share with them, too.


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