Protective Baby Pod

10 Dec

Via @mack_mccoy, I found out about the protective baby pod. This goes waaaaaaaay beyond a stroller or car safety seat concept. From a Fast Company article, titled Creepy Product of the Month, it “is intended to keep your infant protected in the event of disasters, such as chemical warfare. We’re talking an LED screen that monitors air quality inside the pod, an auto-rocking unit that can soothe babies sans adult humans, and  …” Well, you get the point.

Mercy! But I can hear all my generational theory buddies chuckling.

Is this ever classic GenX (Nomad archetype) style parenting. Whereas Boomers primarily raised their children in Society’s Fall (read: time of abundance) and believed that their personal relationship with their child would be the fuel needed to empower their ever-so-special children to become great, GenXers do not play that game. They’re much more practical. Especially having grown up during Society’s Summer (read: carefree and hands-off parenting).

I’m not calling one style or generation better than the other. But they sure are different.

For GenXers, who are in midlife during Society’s Winter (read: cold, harsh, difficult) they are, by nature of the intersting cycles of generations, the primary gen influencing the care of children during this era. GenXers (Nomads) raise the next generation of Artist archetypes (last cycle: Silent/Depression Era Babies … and this time around, Homeland Gen).

For GenX parents — and this is really, really important for anyone who works with them as parents or with their kids — it is paramount that the baby always feels safe. No matter what. (I have goose bumps writing this.) GenXers flip their childhood experience (the shadow) in midlife adulthood by doing the opposite as they experienced, thus continuing the cycle that begat them.

The baby pod, officially called The Smart Baby Case, has “padding made of soft, flexible material supports the baby’s body, with liquid-filled padding around that delicate skull, so that your uniquely shaped infant will be both comfortable and protected at all times.”


It’s almost comical how on-target the generational theory is. But then again, it’s a God cycle, a natural thing. The amazing thing, too, about Americans, is that our culture holds so dear that we create our own destiny and can be free of our past, and still and yet, America experiences generational cycles like no other country. Much of this is because our Big Country Values are that  hold so dear that we are on an upward trajectory of growth, and in that tenacity about those values, we become the country with the deepest experience of cyclical generational renewal. It’s quite a phenomenon.

Oh, and I really don’t proofread my blog posts that much. Just lettin’ ya know.


6 Responses to “Protective Baby Pod”

  1. Leslie Poston December 10, 2009 at 11:51 pm #

    Gen Xer fully creeped out right now. Almost inspired to spawn just to reinstate lawn darts and naugahyde-covered seatbelt-free car rides. WTF. We survived, why panic now?

    • JessieX December 11, 2009 at 7:44 am #

      Lawn darts! Hah, that’s a memory. And one, I’m sure, few if any Millennial or Homeland Gen kids will ever know. Well, Leslie, part of the “panic” is that GenXers, to their nature and place in the cycle of generations, hit each phase of life at the worst time to be that age. So, at a deep level, most GenXers have a significant mistrust of large institutions, structures created to protect “us” and those people in positions of power to do good.

      In mid-life, the time of greatest personal and societal power, they basically say, “I’m tired of being patient and waiting for the (older) adults to fix things. I’ll just fix them myself.” Remember, GenXers do small things to make big differences available (key word: available and not for) to larger structures/society/businesses (just think of the tech developments that have come from open source/sharing info/blogging/free widgets/etc.). But when it comes to their families: NO TRUST of/to/for others is extended. Not chancing it. (GenXers orient to tribe in a completely diff way than other gens; they find Their Peeplez, but that’s quite diff than trusting Society.)

      Combine that all these things and add in:
      – Deep knowing that Society has been crumbling for decades.
      – Being in childhood in an era when the exalted attitude toward adults was to be self-absorbed and not child-focused.
      – Not trusting institutions — and power structures created For The People — to have their back.
      – Being the primary generation of parents in an era of Winter. [Each era is about 20 years in length, and Winter is 1) no exception and 2) the time when GenX are the core generation influencing children being born now.]

      Oh, I could go on.

      The main point is that mid-life GenXer adults know it’s a dark, difficult time. Concurrently, they need, need, need for their babies to feel safe and not be exposed to the outside harms (potential/real) that they, as adults, observe and have to deal with.

      If you haven’t read it yet, I do recommend an earlier post I wrote called The Terrible Octomom. I write of the seasonal shifts in society toward child bearing, child rearing and children. It’s one of my more popular posts, in terms of views and comments.

  2. Steven Fisher December 11, 2009 at 10:24 am #


    I have seen something like this before…wait..I know…

    The movie “The Matrix” and these pods turned everyone into little power sources.

    Luggage should be used for clothing, not babies…


  3. Chris Bachmann December 11, 2009 at 10:58 am #

    It looks more like a suitcase than a stroller like thing. Stow away that kid!

  4. Steven December 11, 2009 at 11:45 am #

    I’m disappointed that it doesn’t come with a rocket that can blast our children to another planet where they’ll be super powerful beings, whose only weakness is earthonite. But, hey, that’s just room for improvement in version 2.0.

  5. Mack McCoy December 14, 2009 at 4:14 pm #

    OMG! @JessieX wrote a blog post inspired by one of my tweets. Thanks for the cite and great analysis.

    I completely agree with Leslie. I’m a fellow GenX’er who was freaked out by this baby suitcase. I understand the “protect the children” impulse, but I’m far more concerned with creating an environment where they can be & feel free/open enough to be themselves, which is impossible when they’re protected/suppressed for “safety.” I know that makes me a little strange for my generation. It’s probably due to having parents born in ’30 instead of mid ’40s. 🙂

    Steven: I like the rocket idea. Another option: Fully submersible with an emergency beacon. Then it could be easily recovered if lost at sea or if flash-flooding occurs.

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