Hair Flair for Hope. Translated: Please donate yarn.

18 Nov

And not just any yarn. The thicker the yarn the better. The bolder the colors, the better. Also needed are some neutral hair-colored yarns such as brown, burgundy, red and blonde, but NOT grays, pastels, gray-blues or whites unless they are special (sparkly, glittery, fluffy)

My friend and hair-flair gal extraordinaire could use your help for a project she’s doing for chemo recipients at The Children’s National Medical Center. Her request is below, but before I post that, let me tell you where you can mail your yarn donation:

Sherri Sosslau
Hair Flair for Hope
PO Box 7660
Washington, DC 20044-7660.

Sherri’s email address, if you need it and to make cash donations via PayPal. You can become a fan of Hair Flair for Hope’s Facebook page, too.

From Sherri

Many of you are aware of my costuming endeavors and that I make yarn & ribbon wigs for dancers, costume-wearers and women looking for a unique yet temporary beautiful look. Recently, I decided to focus all of my energy on a charitable purpose:  making fun yarn wigs for kids, teens and young women who have lost their hair to chemotherapy.  Last week, The Children’s Hopsital (now called the Children’s National Medical Center) has asked to be the recipient of my wigs.  Now I must crank out a large number of hand-crafted wigs in short order for the holidays. In the spring, when flu season is behind us The CNMC can open their doors to visitors, I will be bringing wig-making workshops directly to the kids. Since this project is 100% non-funded, labor intensive and will be ongoing, I’m relying on the good will of friends, neighbors and knitters to help me!  Should you wish to get involved, here are a few no-cost ways that you can get involved:

1.  SUPPLIES NEEDED:  I need yarns of all types and textures.  With the exception of a few colors, such as gray, white, cream, pastels and non-vibrant blues), I can use it!  Bold colors (purples, reds, greens, oranges, bright pinks), fun yarn (glittery, variegated colors, etc…) and natural colors (browns, tans, burgundies, rusts, purples) are most useful and in shorter supply.  Knitters, partial skeins or unmatched dye lots are welcome.

2.  TIME NEEDED:  I need help assembling the wigs.  It is my goal to make 50 wigs by 12/15.  Please join me for a fun and worthy exchange.  I’ll teach you a new skill (the crazy art of wig-making out of mixed fibers) and you will make a wig out of the materials I have on hand to leave behind as a donation for someone who has lost their hair to chemotherapy.  I’ll be hosting three wig-making workshops on the following dates:

Sunday 11/29 10:30am – 2:30pm
Sunday 12/13 4pm – 8pm

3.  SPREAD THE WORD:  If you do not have any yarn on hand to donate and do not have the time to come make a wig, perhaps you are willing to spread the word to others?  If you work in an organization that runs a charitable drive for supplies, you could ask your co-workers or customers to donate their unwanted yarn.

Please consider joining me for one of these workshops. Please RSVP so I know how many people to expect.  All you need to bring is yourself and pair of scissors. I will have everything else on hand. I will keep you full and happy (pizza and brownies are on me).




3 Responses to “Hair Flair for Hope. Translated: Please donate yarn.”

  1. Vivienne November 22, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    I’m the admin person for the Maryland Faerie Festival. I will speak to my board about the ways we could help you. Such as, considering you a sponsor of the event for Winterfest, our Winter fairy themed dinner. Perhasps we could do a “yarn drive” for your classes at the hospital. Being a sponsor would give you the opportunity to put some promotion materials out so the word gets out on your project.

    Personally I’d love to give you some volunteer time but I’m ramping up for the possibility of moving. I might be able to spend some time with you at the classes you give the kids, I’m a survivor myself (benign brain tumor, I lost my hair to surgery) so I have some sense of what these little ones are going through. Anything that can give a person a sense of empowerment will be useful for their healing. This is an awesome project to give such a powerful gift to this kids who really need it.

    Please let me know if your interested in having MdFF’s help in some way. If you are I will talk to the board and we can come up with some ways we can help you. By the way, our website is



  2. Abigail February 25, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    I have easily 10 boxes of yarn, if not more and am looking for a place to donate the yarn. Preferably, to a non-for-profit. The majority of the yarn is wool with some other stuff mixed in. In terms of colors it is across the board with a few pastels. I would be interested in donating the yarn but I would want ALL of it taken, not bits and pieces. Also someone would have to pick it up because it would not all fit in my car. Most are full skeins. I live in Northwest D.C.. Email me if you are interested. Put yarn in the subject line.

  3. jenina deshler February 23, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    Hi…are you still accepting yarns? I have lots and would love to support your work. Many of my friends have suffered breast cancer and lost their hair during treatment. I made caps but have lots more yarn than I have time to use. Please advise. JD

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