At 3 mos., she’s a natch with the iphone

17 Sep

baby Linnea with iphoneThis was fun. At this evening’s Hoco BlogTail party, @annathema showed up with her sweet baby Linnea and handsome husband, Roger. Anne/@annathema recently blogged about iphone apps a new mom needs. And her blog garnered her an interview in an article about moms and tech. Tonight, Linnea was a natch when presented with the iphone. Her little fingers on the screen, she opened apps, moved them around and basically seemed to get the touch-and-slide approach to iphone navigation. Given her mother’s proclivity toward geekiness, efficiency and the iphone, I’m not surprised.

Handsome Husband Roger adds not to the inherent tech-savvy of Linnea, but her adroitnessness with her hands. Roger runs a remodeling business in Howard County and has deep roots as a skilled carpenter. He’s your man for remodeling projects.

Linnea and Dad


One Response to “At 3 mos., she’s a natch with the iphone”

  1. annathema September 21, 2009 at 12:16 pm #

    She was so intrigued by your apps, Jessie!

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