Tapulanga: Close to home and far away

14 Sep

Tapulanga - SFAS Children's Drama Guild Workshop-6A reader of the hocoblogs? Kindly, if you would, consider a donation to Tapulanga Foundation. Robin Abello, one of the founders of hocoblogs, works diligently with his sister, who is in The Philippines and running a school there, to raise funds for a school scholarship program, a micro-credit program and a health-care program.

In addition to your supporting a local man doing a world of good, you can be in relationship to this group without getting lost in a mega-organization where mega portions of your donations go to raise more money. (Only 3% at Tapulanga.) This is a small-scale org providing direct and specific benefit to the people in a specific region of The Phillipines.

Their annual event/dinner/silent auction is coming up Sept 20th. I often go. The people are friendly and the food is interesting. Plus, one of the items highly coveted and available is a Macbook Pro, possibly yours for a $25 raffle ticket, which you can conveniently purchase online.


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