My lovely, quirky family

6 May

Life. Timing. The rain. Whatever things combined tonight had me purchasing presents for my lovely, quirky family. I can blog about the gifts because none of my family members read my blog, so I don’t have to worry about spoilers.

For my sister’s birthday next week: Organic poop. Actually, I’m just giving her cash toward a composting toilet she’ll have installed in her ever-so-adorable 1920s home in the Bay Area.

For mother’s day: I made a cash donation to Bird Lovers Only, the folk who take care of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo, my mother’s most recent fascination. My mother does not care for gifts on gift-days, know what I mean.

For father’s day: I just ordered Nassim Haramein’s DVD set, Crossing the Event Horizon. This is some wild and deep stuff that — and I quote — “describes the collective and coherent behavior of the plasma dynamics of ergospheres orbiting the event horizons of black holes demanding a highly structured polarized vacuum, resulting in an alternative view of black holes where the exterior white hole portion surrounds the interior black hole singularity.” I’ve seen the DVDs, and they’re quite eye opening … and enjoyable. My dad will dig it. Plus, if he watches it, perhaps he can explain more of it to me.

For my brother, who’s birthday is in June, I didn’t get anything. He hasn’t purchased a birthday or Christmas gift for anyone in decades, so we’ve decided to give as good as we get. He gets a big black hole. No less love. Just not a gift.

For myself, tonight I finally purchased the present my family paid for last year for my birthday: an LED hoop!

So that’s my family, explained through a simple tour of who’s getting what for gifts in the next couple of months. Organic poop, a donation (because, Mercy, she’d have a fit if I gave her a physical gift), mysteries of the black holes explained, a black hole (nothing) and a super-duper glow-in-the-dark hula hoop! Weee


2 Responses to “My lovely, quirky family”

  1. Your Sista! May 11, 2009 at 11:12 pm #

    That is so funny about the part that “I can blog about the gifts because none of my family members read my blog, so I don’t have to worry about spoilers.” For some reason I actually clicked on your website and followed the link to your blog. Fortunately, my birthday is only two days away and I asked for “deposits” for my composting throne so it’s not “a spoiler.” As for brother, he gets the same gift every year and he gives the same one too. I’m glad to hear about dad’s gift because I was going to borrow the DVD from Cheri – just make sure he doesn’t lose it before my visit at the end of June. 🙂


    • JessieX May 12, 2009 at 10:10 pm #

      Haha, Rebecca. What a lovely world we live in. And with one of the ever-so-few posts I’ve written about the family, would have you find it. And in a timely manner. Yes, what a lovely world, indeed. And, since — nothing unusual here — I have yet to send you your card, you’ll know I’ve had you on my mind. Wrote the check on the 6th, I did.

      I’m totally thinking that watching the Nassim Haramein DVD with you, dad, Dave and — gasp — even mom could be uber-cool. Whether that will happen remains to be seen, but it’s quite possible. And, yes, I got you on making sure dad doesn’t lose the DVD.

      Hey, mom’s mother’s day present #2 was setting up “The Facebook Thing” for her. You should have a friend invitation from her in your inbox. 😉

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