Get out of the way: A message to Boomers everywhere

25 Mar

My good friend Carrie describes the GenX-to-Boomer key message in terms of the relationship between the garbage collector and someone standing in front of a garbage can on collection day. It goes like this:

Garbage Collector: “Hey, look, I don’t care what you do before I’m at your house. I don’t care where you stand after I leave. But, goddamit, for those 120 seconds that I need to hop off the back of my truck, grab your trash can, haul it to the truck, dump the can and return it back to your curb, I need you to be *anywhere but* in my way. Capiche?”

Boomers have no idea of how in the way they are of GenXers. Rare are the few who can see this about their gen and how it impacts GenXers. We’re not asking you to leave the room, but we are asking you to move out of the way when we come through. It’s not a battle for your turf. It’s just imperative — in these times — that your generation move out of the way.

There’s a conversation on Public Radio’s Marketplace: a GenXer spoke of how patient we (the GenXers) have been, waiting for Boomers to move over.

The conversation and comments (including my own) on the Marketplace blog are incredible, and quite telling of the frustrating gen dynamic between Boomers and Xers. A very good read for one interested in the subject.


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