GenX Prez: GenX speech writer

21 Jan

As one who sees many an event through the lens of generational theory, I find Prez Obama’s choice of a speech writer quite fascinating.

There’s been much talk of late of this amazing 27-year-old, Jon Favreau, who wrote Obama’s inauguration speech. Well, unless this guy celebrated his 28th birthday in the first week or two of January, that means he was born in 1981. And that puts him in the last wave — literally — of GenXers.

Obama, born in 1961, is in the first wave — literally — of GenXers, who are born 1961-1981.

People born in the first few or last few years of a generation often have a stronger capacity for bridging perspectives with the generation closest to them.  If a child plays with neighborhood friends, goes to school with or has siblings in the next-older or next-younger generation, they grow up and form their world view with more contextualized understanding of how the other generation lived and experienced childhood.  Whether they understand this consciously is not important.

Anyhoo, I just find it uber-fascinating that Prez Obama, born in the first year of the GenX generation, and able to reach out more to the next-elder Boomers, selected for his inaugural speech, a GenXer born at the tale end of the generation, who will naturally have more capacity to resonate with the next-younger generation of Millennials.

Just some thoughts for the day.


One Response to “GenX Prez: GenX speech writer”

  1. Terri January 22, 2009 at 6:40 pm #

    It was a great speech, reminiscent of both “I have a Dream” but “Ask not what your country can do for you”. It also had the GenX trademark of inclusiveness–knowing that there are more than one type of person in America.

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