A new day is dawning

4 Nov

It really is a new era. Literally. A significant cultural shift occurs approximately every 20 years in America, in a dominant-recessive-dominant-recessive pattern.  This is the first election in which a GenXer will be in the White House, whether it be — as things seem to be going — Barack Obama as our new president, or in the off chance that McCain wins, Sarah Palin as Veep. Either way, GenX leadership is moving into the national realm.

GenX leadership won’t look, sound or feel like the leadership of past generations, nor should anyone expect it to. Curious about what GenX (Nomad archetype) presidential leadership might be like? Look to our past for some examples:George Washington and John Adams; Ulysses Grant and Grover Cleveland; Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower.

Mr. Obama is his own man, in a unique time and place in the path of America. I’m most curious to see how things will unfold. I don’t expect his promises to be made real. But I do trust that he has the capacity and fortitude to be the right leader for the times.


Oh, my bad. I guess I should wait til the election is called before making such statements. 😉


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