It started with a hoop.

28 Aug

Three years ago in June, I found myself with a new hula hoop. It was A Vibe I’d gotten. A strong one. “Get a hula hoop!” said The Vibe. So I listened and took action. But within a few weeks, I’d exhausted my limits for tricks. I wanted to learn more.

My sister got the same Vibe and followed shortly after by getting a hoop herself. She had the fortune of living in Hula Hoop Central (the Bay Area). She took a hoop class. And for my birthday, three years ago, she made me a hula hoop and created six short DIY videos on how to do some hula hoop tricks.

I learned the tricks and wanted more. I started looking on the then-new YouTube for hooping videos and found but a few. So I asked my sister if I could post her videos on Youtube to help others learn as well. Little did we know that for both of us, that was the beginning of an incredible journey into Web 2.0 and social media tools.

My sister has gone on to become a pre-eminent middle school teacher who uses Web 2.0 technology in the classroom. She speaks at conferences and is solicited by teachers and related businesses for her Web 2.0, millennial-based teaching styles. She also has an incredible penchant for Squidoo lenses.

I used my love for hula hooping and my desire to learn more and share what I learned as I dived head first into the then-new (and still emerging, though hardly new anymore) world of social media. And what an experience that has been. My entire world – social, personal, professional and ethnological — has transformed since then.

So, today, August 28th, marks my three-year anniversary of my first stages of Web 2.0 exploration, as it marks my 45th birthday as well. I’ve heard through the grapevine that the present my family will be giving me is an LED hula hoop. For the right person — such as myself — this has to be one of the coolest birthday presents ever! Here’s a video of someone else enjoying their LED hoop. I hope to join their ranks, soon!


2 Responses to “It started with a hoop.”

  1. thibeaux August 28, 2008 at 10:41 am #

    Happy Anniversary!

    I look forward to seeing you use your new hoop.


  2. bob moon August 31, 2008 at 1:52 pm #

    Gee, loved the Utube, and missed your birthday, Happy Birthday to you! And many more!

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