They’re right friendly.

11 Jun

I spent most of today on the National Defense University campus at a most-fascinatingworkshop on US government strategic communications. I’d never been to NDU before. It’s really quite lovely. And right on the water.

One thing I noticed was the people and how consistently friendly the military personnel were. People I passed in the parking lot, in hallways and on the campus actually said “hi” to me. I found it a nice reprieve from the mostly staid suburban experience I have where folk routinely avoid eye contact in a rush to get to their cars as quickly as possible.

I’m headed back to the campus tomorrow to finish up the project with the work group to which I was assigned. Tomorrow is the NDU graduation ceremony. Man, I can’t wait to see that. Even if from a distance. From my experience, I think the military is doing a fine job of raising the level of basic manners and cordiality among its personnel.

Right on. Right on.


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