Be kind to the butterflies

26 Sep

They were pushing ‘weed.

Milkweed, that is.

I met some ladies at the Takoma Park Folklife Festival, and they explained to me that the monarch butterfly, which traverses crazy distances (3,200 miles) to chill with its homeboys in Mexico, needs milkweed to lay its eggs. See, not one butterfly flies the whole distance to Mexico. They migrate as far as they can, lay their eggs, die, and the next generation continues on the course. But with more and more development, there is less and less milkweed. This is, of course, a not-very-scientific explanation. Go to their pretty site, The Monarch Effect, for more info.

Even better, contact them, get yourself a plant or two, or a packet of seeds, and grow some ‘weed in your back yard. It’s a good thing. And, it’s easy being green.

After all, a true “green initiative” is something with a result, observable in Nature, imho.


One Response to “Be kind to the butterflies”

  1. Sandra Nitchie November 30, 2007 at 9:55 am #

    Hi, Jessie, Thank you for blogging about The Monarch Effect and new site! Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Things have gotten very crazy … in a good way. Check out our site now. We have a wonderful section called the Gift of Change which will make wonderful Christmas gifts for those who want to give a gift with purpose. All my best, ~Sandy

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