The Fourth Turning Players: A summary

3 Sep

From a Wikipedia entry re Strauss and Howe’s book, The Fourth Turning. A summary of the four generational archetypes. I’m a nomad. 🙂

  • Prophets are values-driven, moralistic, focused on self, and
    willing to fight to the death for what they believe in. They grow up as
    the increasingly indulged children of a High, come of age as the young
    crusaders of an Awakening, enter midlife as moralistic leaders during
    an Unraveling and are the wise, elder leaders of the next Crisis. The
    Boomers are an example of a Prophet generation.
  • Nomads are ratty, tough, unwanted, diverse, adventurous, and
    cynical about institutions. They grow up as the underprotected children
    of an Awakening, come of age as the alienated young adults of an
    Unraveling, become the pragmatic, midlife leaders of a Crisis and age
    into tough, post-crisis elders during a High. Generation X and the Lost
    Generation are examples of Nomad generations.
  • Heroes are conventional, powerful, and institutionally
    driven, with a profound trust in authority. They grow up as the
    increasingly protected children of an Unraveling, come of age as the
    Heroic, team-working youth of a Crisis, become energetic and hubristic
    mid-lifers during a High and become the powerful elders who are
    attacked in the next Awakening. The G.I. Generation that fought World
    War II is an example of a Hero generation. Millennials are expected to
    emerge as the next generation of this example.
  • Artists are subtle, indecisive, emotional and compromising,
    often having to deal with feelings of repression and inner conflict.
    They grow up as the over-protected children of a Crisis, come of age as
    the sensitive young adults of a High, rebel as indecisive midlife
    leaders during an Awakening, and become the empathic elders of an
    Unraveling. The Silent Generation is an example of an Artist generation.

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