Homeland Babes: The newest generation

19 Aug

The newest generation is here … and they’re just entering kindergarten and first grade now, so the assumption goes.

Meet The Homeland Generation. Though they’re beginning birth years have yet to be conclusively decided, I suspect their generation will start in 2001 or 2002, when things, um, shifted a bit here in America.

The cycle this generation will follow is the “artist” generation: they’re all about social justice, fairness. They perfect things. They grow to become great administrators. And they are really, really different than their next-elders, the Millennials.

Wanna be a superhero and build a great society? Aim to create institutions, policies, programs, businesses, products and services that ping to the coming artist / adaptive generation (as found in Strauss & Howe’s’ book, Generations). You’ll find there a map of cultural geography that will put you on the right track with ease.


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