Millennials … the cycle continues

13 Aug

Snagged data, slightly edited. Go to the powerhouse source by Strauss and Howe to read the archetypal language and original text. Here are my gentle edits.

Within the four generational archetypes, the Heroes (today’s Millennials, born 1982 – 2001/2/3?, and also known as a “civic generation”) are best remembered for their collective coming-of-age triumphs (Glorious Revolution, Yorktown, D-Day) and for their hubristic elder achievements (the Peace of Utrecht and slave codes, the Louisiana Purchase and steamboats, the Apollo moon launches and interstate highways). Increasingly protected as children, they become increasingly indulgent as parents. Their principal endowment activities are in the domain of community, affluence, and technology.

Their best-known leaders include Gurdon Saltonstall and “King” Carter; Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. They have been vigorous and rational institution builders. All have been aggressive advocates of economic prosperity and public optimism in midlife; and all have maintained a reputation for civic energy and competence even deep into old age.

A lifecycle outline:

  • In childhood, they are nurtured with increasing protection by pessimistic adults in an insecure environment.
  • As teamworking young adults, they challenge the political failure of elder-led crusades, fueling a society-wide secular crisis.
  • As powerful midlifers, they establish an upbeat, constructive ethic of social discipline.
  • As expansive elders, they orchestrate ever-grander secular constructions, setting the stage for the spiritual goals of the young.

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